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Free Code Camp doesn’t teach C#.

Unfortunately, as Ariel mentioned, FreeCodeCamp doesn’t offer any material for C#

However, instead of trying to learn C# I would consider the different libraries and technologies which are powered by it. For instances, .NET is a Microsoft framework which uses the C# language. The game engine Unity uses C#.

I would start there. If there was one thing going good for them before they embraced open source, Microsoft does a good job keeping up with documentation.

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I just did a search c# on you tube. here’s the link.

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Like the other campers said, fCC does not teach C#. It’s a beautiful language but very different from JS. Why do you want to learn C#? For a job? Personal interest?

I ask this because it may vary. But a great starting point is MVA (Microsoft Virtual Academy). The series from Bob Tabor are superb and will teach you basic C# coding and conventions.

After that, you might want to do some exercises, basic command line programs and get your algorithms in check. If you can write good C# code then you may want to take a step further and learn how to do a Web App in .net Core or dabble in Unity.

If you want to enter web dev with .net core (uses C# as main language) in mind for your backend than the documentation on it in Microsoft are excellent resources.

Good luck :wink: