Need help learning C#

Hello! I’m new here and would like some help learning C#.
Coding languages I know are C++(Very little), Lots of HTML, CSS.
My goal is to be a developer at Frontier Developments and work on coding Elite: Dangerous, but for now, I want to build a small space game like the Original Elite or something like Oolite, So what I need to learn is more C#, how to make my own graphics engine and a space game all from C# and learn networking for multiplayer.

If you can show me a video or help in any way that would be much appreciated! o7 :smiley:

PS: Also I wish there were new and better tutorials on C#, all the ones I can find are 2-14 years old :frowning: anyways, all tutorials are like this…

Well, we don’t teach C# here, but you might find some materials in the FCC stuff - there is a lot of stuff in there, videos, etc.

My goal is to be a developer at Frontier Developments…

Have you contacted them? I would check out their job postings and see what they want. I would hop on linkedin and reach out to their programmers and tell them that it is your dream to work there and what do they recommend studying. Most will ignore it but a few might answer.

With a little bit of research I see that they use their own in-house engine for that. But I think learning a basic game engine would be enough to get their attention - I imagine that there are a lot of similarities.

Don’t worry about the C# tutorials being old. I assume that it hasn’t changed much (if at all) in the last few years. Just get good at C# and then look for tutorials on Unity or some other common game engine.

That would be my advice anyway. I’m sure there are lots of blog articles and videos on how to become a game developer - I would check one out every night.


Microsoft has pretty good resources to teach the basics of C#. Check the resources Microsoft has here:

You could also check the game related resources on Channel 9:

freeCodeCamp also has a C# in 4 Hours course on the YouTube Channel.

Building out a game engine is a big undertaking. You may want to start out by finding an open source C# based game engine and contribute to the project to begin learning what goes into it. Something like Stride

Frontier has a Programmer Application Guidance document. You could maybe aim for their Tools developer role, which looks to require C# and C++. Though their other roles seem to be C++ only. So maybe you’re focusing on the wrong language with your end goal in mind. Something to think about.

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Don’t teach C#? Darn, I have not contacted them but that is probably a good idea! I will try that, thanks!
I was thinking of learning Unity but didn’t know if I should make my own graphics engine or not.
Thank you for your advice! Any little thing helps!

Huh, I guess I didn’t do my research :stuck_out_tongue: I will be sure to check out Microsoft’s resources!
I was watching (And almost done) that FreeCodeCamp tutorial and it really helped with the basics
I did see the Programmer Application Guidance (before I lost it) and when I tried C++ it was too frustrating, I should probably give it another chance…
Thank you for your help! Any little thing helps!

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Don’t be discouraged. It’s okay to start with C# and even start with building things in Unity, which has great tutorial resources to get you started in the world of game development. Realistically, it’s a long road from learning how to script things in Unity to actually building a game engine in C++, but if you never stop learning and trying things, and stay focus on your goal, you’ll get there.

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Creating your own game engine is an extremely ambitious task (that’s not easily done by just anyone) and one I wouldn’t recommend doing either, as it’s sort of a waste of time. You would spend your time far more effectively if you learned to how to use an existing engine or SDK to make your own game. Start with a very simple 2D game, and then add more features as you learn more.

I’m not super-familiar with C#, but have learned a bit of it using the C# Player’s Guide, which is a pretty good book (available in print or as a PDF).

I wouldn’t recommend limiting yourself to wanting to work at any one company, but the best way to work at a particular company is to see if they publish any tools (i.e. an SDK, API, anything really) and to use those tools to make something. Then you can use whatever you make as a portfolio item towards an eventual job application.


When I type “c# for game development” into google and youtube, I get a lot of results.

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the freeCodeCamp youtube channel has courses on almost everything


i recommend downloading unity as kevin said. There are a lot of good tutorials to start with and you can create your own game ideas. Building an engine by yourself is difficult task and one step i would take first is to learn as much as you can about existing engines. There is a reason most game developers use already existing engines and not new ones.