A little help here please C# Edition

Hello I am new to C# and I only know the basics, would I be able to develop a rpg game? And if not what steps would be needed to develop my C# skills further?

Hey @Nappy welcome to the Forum - I see this is your first post and want to extend a hardy hello!

I’d suggest checking out Youtube for some videos on developing an RPG game with C#. Also check out game engines like Unity that come with tutorials and courses to help you familiarize yourself there too.

You can definitely do this! Someone you should check out is ConcernedApe who created Stardew Valley all by himself, and he still maintains it.

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Thank you for the fast respond I will check out these sources : )

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Here’s another resource, directly from Microsoft Learn .NET Game Development

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You’re very welcome! Have fun. Hopefully I get to play a game you work on one of these days :slight_smile:

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