Anyone have issue on Basic Node and Express - Start a Working Express Server

Anyone have the same issue as me?
i got the string ‘Hello Express’, but i couldn’t proceed and get the next challenge.

my solution link:

app.get('/', function(req, res) {
 res.send('Hello Express');

Any advice?

You are getting a CORS error on submit, did you start the challenge using this boilerplate?

Yes, i did.
It is the same result even i try to use your boilerplate.

I just tested it using a new project and it works for me.

How does your server.js file look? It should look like this. If it does not make sure you are logged into Glitch before clicking the boilerplate link.

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it is the same in server.js, and still couldn’t complete and there is no debug suggestion shown

Considering you aren’t further into the challenges, I would suggest trying to start over fresh.

BTW, does this link work for you when submitting?

The link worked, thanks.
I am able to pass next challenge.
but i couldn’t pass this one, no matter which URL i copied and pasted on it.

couldn’t pass this one also. am i doing something wrong?

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