API and Microservices Timestamp

Hello guys, is there anyone else having trouble submitting the assignment through repl? Everytime I submit, no matter what I submit, it returns to me exactly one of the same thing right and everything else wrong. This is weird as by locally testing I know my code is working and returning what it should to pass some of the requirement, if not all. Anyone else experiencing this or have ways to fix this?

If you share your repl link, we can double check,


Thank you. please check it if you can

I think you may not be returning an object with the right keys in the /api endpoint. For example an invalid date should return an object like this one:

(check this link) https://timestamp-microservice.freecodecamp.rocks/api/2015-15-05

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Yes, he is analyzing this endpoint /api/date/:date so to start with there is a problem there, I believe. Can you spot it @sip ?

Edit: just by fixing that route, you get almost all correctly.

Yes after doing this yesterday I found the route error and corrected and almost all got correct. thank you!

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