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Please check the Timestamp Microservice Project, and check to see if there are bugs in the code, because I submitted once and no tests passed yet I should have at least 3 passing please check.
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Challenge: Timestamp Microservice

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Your API address is wrong.

Requirements are:
/api/:date? , while yours is /api/timestamp/:timestamp

It may work correctly, but FCC test suite will have no way of confirming this, because it tries to access nonexistent address.

Ok, but that does not help others to pass the project, I have now changed that in the code, but here is my dilemma- when you have three other people that have tried it and passed the tests from the recent year. So what I am trying to get at it doesn’t help looking for possible answers when it is not clear how the code should be written to pass the tests. No only that the FCC test suite is only four the first 20 projects not including 6-10. The microservice projects have nothing to do with the FCC test suite- So it would be nice to have a solution that works. Here are the three videos that are as close to a solution that anyone get without passing.

none work. Please provide a solution that works because I can guarantee I won’t be the last person to ask for the same thing.

I’m not someone who takes the easy way out, I just know if there is a solution readily available it helps to provide you a way to use your time where you need it most. And now when your looking up things that could help you solve the problem, you are most of hours of that month coming up with a solution which isn’t wise, people who have listed these videos probably have more experience than the viewers learning from them. Without this help; I would not have gotten as far as I did.

Posting full working solutions for learners, especially for projects, is not permitted.

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