API Project: Timestamp Microservice

I’ve just finished the Timestamp Microservice project.

Anyone can review my code if they wish.
I know there has to be a way to refactor this.


When I did the basic freeCodeCamp API projects, I made the same mistake most people do when they go through them; I just filled in the back-end logic without thinking much about what I was tasked with doing.

The client-facing part of the example project (project landing page) provides the user stories the full-stack developer (you, me, and the other fCC campers who tackle it) needs to make a full-stack app that is consumable by, say, a front-end developer. So, leaving those user stories and everything else there, after making the app functional, isn’t really optimal.

Creating an API means more than just making it functional; proper documentation is highly important. So much so that there are people who make a living just writing documentation. To that end, if I were to do the projects again, I would create a different-looking landing page with documentation appropriate for anyone who would consume my API. The documentation that’s there now is for the person building the API.

But, like I said, I didn’t do that either for this particular project. Still though, it would be worth your while I think to do a proper landing page for would-be users of your API.

I think you are right @willjw3. I never thought of that.
I was concerned with completing the project and pushing the source to Github as part of my code portfolio. I also built this locally with vscode. So I’ve really learned much more.
But making it a complete full-stack app is more appropriate to how I want to be viewed.
I’ll take the time to finish properly. Thanks.

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