APIs and Microservices Exercise Tracker

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I have completed the project and even tested in postman,but the AI test accepting the certification project is not accepting it.
i dont know what is the issue with freecodecamp,
at times gets timed out… and when it runs… one task isnt going through

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i have completed all the tasks, yet

when i try the same using both form data and x-www-form-urlencoded enctypes in postman
i get success and i am able to add the exercise

my github link for the project is : https://github.com/MAJIDNISAR/fcc-exr-tracker.git

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Challenge: Exercise Tracker

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It often helps to have a look at what the tests are looking for:https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp/blob/master/curriculum/challenges/english/05-apis-and-microservices/apis-and-microservices-projects/exercise-tracker.english.md

Specifically, for this test, this is what should be returned.

const expected = {
          description: 'test',
          duration: 60,
          date: 'Mon Jan 01 1990'

thanks a gazillion,
it was a silly parseInt
on duration…
that had me toss and turn for a day …
just one question, where can i find the expected url like you shared with me. for every exercise could save me a lot of heart ache and trouble

and how do i close this thread as i have solved the issue…

Exactly the same place that I linked to. Just search for the relevant lesson/challenge name in the repo, and look for the test section of the .md script.

You do not close it, per-se, but you can mark and answer as the solution, by clicking on more, then Solution:

Hope this helps