APIs and Microservices Projects - Exercise Tracker uri

hello everyone .
when i connect to my nodejs and mongodb , i use “uri” and “options” , but i dont’t familiar with “uri” . for example he consists mongodb://localhost/ and in my case i dont understand what is dbname and how can i connect succesfuly my nodejs and mongodb atlas , if u have some experience about that please help me

I really struggled with the dbname.

In the end, I went to the mongodb atlas website (where you created the cluster etc) and create the DB there.

I couldn’t find info on creating the DB from Node side so sue me! :stuck_out_tongue:

when i create my mongodb atlas , but i can’t find dbname and finally appear a lot of problems about connections mongodb . i hope someone will help us

in the Sandbox -> click “collections”
in collections -> click “Create Database”

I had to give the db a collection (any name) for it to be created