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I’ve been stuck on this project for a couple of days for reasons I seem to have been able to fix. Nonetheless, I can’t seem to pass the tests even though when I test it myself it seems to be working as intended.

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Challenge: URL Shortener Microservice

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When I try to visit your project, I see the following. You should check your logs to see what errors are showing.

That’s my bad, I stopped running the script before leaving as a force of habit

I came back to this project after a month and now I don’t even receive the requests from FCC in my API. I changed no code, everything still works if I test it manually but the tests from FCC seem to be broken and I have no idea what to do

Hello there,

Please note: Recently, the endpoints for the tests/user-stories changed to be more in line with REST practices.

Hey! Thank you for your response! I did some digging in the forums after replying to this thread (should have done it before). I saw a few very helpful replies from you in other threads and also changed my url validation function and passed all tests. Thank you for your help!

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