APIs & Microservices passing tests regardless of URL

So I’m working through these services, and I noticed that regardless of what I submit into my solution/github URLs it’s telling me that I pass the tests. For instance, the following input has me passing the tests:

How do I fix this? I’m actually curious as to whether or not Im doing this stuff right

Hi @motyapa
I think they review your application or something. (I haven’t gotten to that point, though, so I’m not sure. I don’t think they inspect your page or even URL until the very end, maybe)

It could be argued that the hardest part of these projects is just understanding why you’re doing them at all, meaning understanding what it means to create an API (in particular a REST API), and for some of the following projects, what it means to create a so-called ‘full-stack’ app. It’s likely you won’t be able to explain these things competently until after you’ve completed the projects and gotten your certifications, if you rush through them.

That being said, if you take the time to learn about APIs - what they do, who they’re for, and how to produce a good one - you’ll know if you’re ‘doing this stuff right.’ From there, satisfying the user stories requirements should be enough to make you feel you’ve done good work.

From freeCodeCamp’s Academic Honesty Policy:

"I pledge that I did not plagiarize any of my freeCodeCamp work. I understand that freeCodeCamp’s team will audit my projects to confirm this.

In the situations where we discover instances of unambiguous plagiarism, we will replace the camper in question’s certification with a message that “Upon review, this account has been flagged for academic dishonesty.”

For these back-end projects, you’ll be required to upload your code to GitHub, and you should assume that at some point it’ll be looked at. If you claim a certification and it turns out that you either haven’t uploaded your code or you’ve done something fishy in the code you’ve uploaded, your certification will probably go away.

If you’re not sure you’re doing things right, don’t submit solution and GitHub URLs. Take some time to make sure you understand what you were asked to do and to make sure you feel you’ve done that appropriately, and then proceed.

If you come to understand APIs, how to set up a server, how to set up routes, how to set up and incorporate databases into your projects, and have a big-picture understanding of what a ‘full-stack’ app is, you will definitely know if you are doing these projects right.

Good luck.