Anyone passed APIs and Microservices?

Preciser URL Shortener and Exercise Tracker :slight_smile:

A lot of people have. Did you have a problem or were you just taking a poll?

Yes, I have on both. I have viewed a lot of people passed that tasks but when I paste their solution links I’m getting fully incorrect every time.

I have tried also to solve but in vain, that is the reason I attempted to test other people solutions and find out where is the problem I mean me or freeCodeCamp server idk.

So appreciate if you provide me your solution live links I test :slight_smile:

If you provide a link to your code, perhaps someone can help.

You can’t unless their project is on some service that is always going to be online. And most free services, like Heroku, where the project can (might) be online all the time go to sleep after a period of inactivity so the project has to wake up first as well. Also, if you clone people’s projects and they use environment variables (say for a DB connection) it won’t work as you do not have access to their secrets.

Yes, I know that, I have just pasted their solution links only.

It really is best to not copy links to other people’s projects and see if they will pass for you.

Here check, this is passing all requirements except the last one.

I have checked your solutions too but they don’t work.

I think you maybe missed all of the reasons why copying another person’s link probably won’t actually work for you…

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