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There seems to be a problem with the checker to see if you have completed that project. I am not done with the project but when i do the check it tells me i am done. That i have passed all checks. Can it be kindly reviewed?

Thank You.

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I am also facing this kinda issue. Right now I am doing the Exercise Tracker project, I am not done with the project but when I pasted my project URL for some reason it is passing all the User Stories. I have also pasted some random Glitch URL and it is passing all tests.

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Yes, I hope it gets resolved before anyone tries to participate in them. All checks for the database mongo activities are also not checked.

I am facing the same problem today, which is preventing me from moving forward as I’m using the checker to send me the correct request for me to handle.
Since the project is automatically considered as ‘passed’, it seems that the request is not even sent out…
Could you please have a look?
Thanks a lot!

Welcome, Ivig.

I will point you to this thread for the answer:

Thanks a lot for that.
That’s unfortunate, but I’ll find another way to validate that my code is working properly and correctly implements the user-story.

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Thanks for this information!

Today I saw the same issue.
My skeleton project was passed all the test for “URL Shortener Microservice” unexpectedly.

I confirmed that any request did not fire from my browser and my repl.io’s site was not received any requests.

I think this is because the testString to confirm this project is still empty.

Now I understand some of the tests are under construction from this topic’s information.
Anyway I’m going to complete my project like demo site!

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