Report Bug on the project submit page

Hi I’m doing my 3rd project of APIs and Microservices. On the submit form, it passes all the links. I don’t know it happens to me only or to others too! Even I can pass the test with freecodecamp url.

remember you have agreed to the Academic Honesty Pledge

anyway, it’s a work in progress, to make tests for the projects

Yeah I know and I don’t want to pass the test like this. That’s why I posted about this on the forum. :slight_smile: @ilenia

Hello there,

I will point you to this thread for the answer:

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Yeah, it happened to me too. When i submitted the first challenge, i was a able to copy paste the same link 2 more times(!) and pass the 2 next challenges(!). Of course i went back and did them properly, but i’d like to report it.