App doesnt post request to rest api in heroku

Hey guys i didnt have this problem when I was building the app locally but as soon as i uploaded I have this problem I think Im not setting the url correctly for the post request, I say this cuz i get 200 for the request itself but its not sending the info I want its sending some bs from my index.html


const onSave= (price,time,carrierName)=>{
    if(isAuthenticated=== true){``,{departureName,
    .then(res => console.log(
        <p>Needs Login</p>


Hi Josh, it seems your backend is serving an HTML file as a static asset instead of processing the request as a REST API.

Can you post the backend code where you initialise the server and add all the routes?

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hey the problem with the backend was solved by me moving files but now i have a problem that the only api calls that work are api calls that are made to my backend rest of them dont work could u help plz? this is my code:

Which API calls are you referring to when you say “rest of them”? It helps if you provide a screenshot and paste the relevant code that’s not working as expected.

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sorry for the late reply fixed haha thanks for the help !