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I am on Basic Node and Express - Start a Working Express Server and am super confused about what req and res stand for and if i am suppose to put the HTTP address of the replit code is producing before the ,function(req, res) or is that suppose to be the req or res?

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Challenge: Start a Working Express Server

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Welcome, seth.

Handlers take the form function(req, res) {...} , where req is the request object, and res is the response object.

If you want a lot more information than that, then I recommend you read the official docs for Express: Express 4.x - API Reference (

I am not too sure what you mean by this. So, I might be going off on a tangent with this:

Let’s serve our first string! In Express, routes takes the following structure: app.METHOD(PATH, HANDLER) .

This means, a common form of setting up app route logic is:

app.get('/relative-path', handler);
// We just learnt what a handler is:
function handler(req, res) {
  // Logic...

So, keep in mind, the path is relative. This means, for a route like this very forum page we are on, the route logic might look like this:

app.get('/t/app-get-for-basic-node-and-express-start-a-working-express-server',  (req, res) => {
  // I like arrow functions for anonymous functions (the handler function above),
  // but do not get hung up on it
  // In here is the logic to return, in a response, the data for this page
  // silly example:
  return res.json({postTitle: "App.get for basic Node and Express - Start a Working Express Server"});
  // You DO NOT need the 'return' keyword (in this case), but I like being explicit.

If you have any more specific questions, be sure to use the official docs, and ask here for clarification.

Hope this helps