Applied Visual Design: Create a Gradual CSS Linear Gradient

Good Evening. Can somebody help me out with this challenge.
I have an issue with this.
Use a linear-gradient() for the div element’s background, and set it from a direction of 35 degrees to change the color from #CCFFFF to #FFCCCC.
The div element should have a linear-gradient background with the specified direction and colors.
This is my Solution but its still not passing the test.

border-radius: 20px;
width: 70%;
height: 400px;
margin: 50px auto;
background: linear-gradient(35deg,red,yellow,#FFCCCC);


Hey, the lesson says to use two hex colors. You’re only using one.Red and yellow are useless for the solution. Good luck.

Thank you.
That solved the problem. I’m really grateful for saving me.