Are there any summaries of courses like FCC and Codecademy?

Hey folks,

I’m wondering if anyone has found any documents that summarise the different sections of the FCC curriculum or other sites like Codecademy? I’m able to understand the material as I go, but I find it difficult to remember everything that’s been covered when I’m looking at a blank screen trying to start a new project. I feel like it would be super handy to have some kind of “cheat sheet” from these courses that I could print out and use as a reference while I work through my projects.

Obviously I could just copy and paste the info as I go through the courses, but I was just wondering if there was anything out there that’s already available.

Thanks in advance for the help!!!

Very early on I found that struggling through the first project and then using that as a ‘template’ of sorts for others was very helpful. For example, I might just take the entire index.html file for the Tribute Page and paste it into new file for the Portfolio project. Then, edit the <title> tag and just delete everything in the <body> tags and start from there.

I found it helpful to not have to struggle back through all that boilerplate stuff over and over. I think trying to find a “cheat sheet” from multiple different entire curricula would just end up being too unwieldy to be useful.

I recommend just creating your own ‘library’ of components and boilerplate as you go along rather than getting bogged down in distilling tons of info that may or may not be useful.

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Nice, I like the idea of using your first project as a template. I’ll probably just start copying the stuff I use into my own documents, there’s always some value in creating your own cheat sheets I suppose.

This isn’t specifically a summary of the FCC curriculum, but I’ve been using as a reference.

I haven’t used these but someone directed me to his youtubes and this site…

maybe look over what he thinks is templatable… and do up your own :smiley: and

P.S. I love his vibe

Bumping this!

Is there any material summing up all the FCC content (at least the syntax for HTML/CSS/JS) ?

We go through a lot of things but personally, I do forget them quickly. Would be nice to have all the content in a PDF for instance. Has anyone ever done this ? :slight_smile:

When you say “summing up all the FCC content”, what exactly are you looking for? Can you give an example of what this PDF document should look like?

Yes sure! I’ve only been through HTML/CSS/Java for now, but each challenge for the moment is a “lesson”. The left-hand corner of the website always details what the concept is about, and give the proper syntax to use.


However, I personally quickly forget about it. The PDF would be a collection of all these sections, with the syntax/explanation of what it does, but without the challenge itself. Like notes you would take in class and revisit later, before jumping into the actual exercices.

I don’t know if that’s clear enough, feel free to let me know if it isn’t!

Just copy/paste the information into a Word Doc or other document you wish to use for taking notes.

Asked the question precisely because this is time consuming and I was probably not the first one feeling the need for it, and probably won’t be the last one. But thanks.

There was a guy, not so long ago, that shared an app he used to take notes about FCC. Maybe it could be useful for you as well: