Are there jobs in Data Science, AI, ML?

I recently saw a video of a senior dev from Microsoft India, talking about the present job market. He blatantly said that as of now there are very few jobs in Data Science, AI, and ML, and most of them require PhDs. He further added that Web Dev is the best choice as of today.

I am feeling perplexed as I was going to start learning ML.
What’s your take on it?

And one more thing- he said that Python has very little usage in Industry.
ML AI - it’s just a frontend for the underlying code written in C++.
Web Dev - hardly anyone uses Django or Flask. Everyone loves Javascript.

I am quite new to all this. A view from those active in the industry will be highly appreciated.

Hi !

Data Science is a super huge field, and as for others concepts, lot of people are talking about but, they rarely assume they are talking of the same thing.

Phd’s are required to people who develop researchs and ‘new’ analyses, assuming you need a strong background into mathematics or statistics to develop new ways of thinking, but, you can be a data analyst and have no phd.

Also, there is data engineering. It’s the “starting point” of data analyse, in my opinion.
With no data, no analyses. And there are plenty of methodological issues behind.
What are data ? Where are they from ? What they measure or what they LOOK to measure ? Moreover, be able to deal with databases is also something important.

So maybe your point is : how do you perceive data science ? what do you want to do with ? What are your motivation to learn Machine Learning ? :slight_smile:

How would you consider this from the job market prospects?

Do you want to do your first data science experiment ?

Go on glassdoor and look for all job offers related to data science (keywords : data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, data visualization specialist,…) in your area or in others if you want

Then, try to perform a text content analyse
List all the langages/software you see employers are looking for
Exemple : SQL, powerBI, Qlik, R, Python, SAS,…
You can do the same for diploma or skills…

Then, you can see which ones appear most often

You could even becoming a real artist (I mean like Picasso)
The Art of Code - machine learning illustration - dogs into jellyfish

I give you an exemple : I pick the 3 first newest results for my country, and i look with “machine learning” keyword. Assume it’s completely not representative but it’s a good illustration I think :slight_smile:

The three offers ask for “Data Scientist”

Skills & tasks:

Excellent Python knowledge
Experience with multiple machine learning frameworks
you speak Python (R is a plus) and have experience with Jupyter notebooks
Implement models (machine learning) that can easily be integrated within existing systems

Diplomas & experience

3+ years of experience as a Data Scientist in digital marketing, IT/engineering or financial
you have a master/PhD degree in artificial intelligence, mathematical engineering or computer science
Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Data Science/Minimum 2 years experience in machine learning/ Minimum 2 years experience in C # programming or equivalent experience

I did a little bit of research for my country - INDIA

Web Dev - 20,000 + jobs
Data Science - 3000 + jobs

Surely there are jobs in Data Science, but far lesser than Web Dev.
Most of Data Science jobs also require 2-5 years of experience and preferably a Master’s Degree.

So as a fresher out of college, I think Web might be a better choice. Easier to get in. More opportunities.

What’s your take?

I would agree that data science/machine learning/artificial intelligence is a field that really requires a graduate degree. You can accomplish a fair bit only using Python, but to really develop in the field you want to know C++ and CUDA.

There is a shortage over 1 milion people in DS and it’s only raising. A highter asking for people and a shortage = the lowering of standarts for job requirments.

Web Dev is a great start but, there is also a side that tells us that it will be more automated.

People who know Python in DS earn 20% more.
Source this playlist:

There really is a limit on how much those job requirements can be cut. Data science/machine learning/artificial intelligence is, at it’s heart, heavily based on advanced statistics. If you are doing data science without strong statistical knowledge, you will make big mistakes.


That’s what I think. Very high entry barrier.

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Don’t take the easy path. Do the one you want to do. You get 1 life. The clock is ticking as you read this comment. If you like building websites, then master Javascript.

If you want to get into ML, learn either C++ or Python & get your phD. Don’t look for shortcuts.

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This wasn’t about easy path or anything like that.
It’s about the job market " at present ".
At the end of the day you need to put food on your plate.

I’m currently a full-time developer. 6 figures. ( Not as a means to brag, but to validate my advice. )

You asked:

What’s your take?

I gave the best one if I were in your shoes.

Wait wait, I think I got you on the wrong footing. I never questioned the credibility and I apologize if it came like that.

I will try to restate my question -
I am an engineering student ( INDIA Tier - 1 College ( as they say here) NON - CS CIRCUIT BRANCH )
Interested in Computers, good at DS ALGO. Fair understanding of WEB DEV.
NOW what I want after graduation is a JOB.

And what I see around me is a lot and I mean a lot of hype around ML AI , not the actual core understanding but the hype around the frameworks and stuff. Students pouncing over fancy names, taking tons of video courses and certificates.

The Dilemma is looking at the job market most of the jobs are in WEB DEV stuff not ML AI , and most of them require at least a master’s degree.

As of now I don’t have any plans for higher studies but I am open to exploring and learning, as any rational DEV should be.

All this creates a kind of FOMO and makes me anxious sometimes.

I’m going to assume you’re a young person and there’s nothing wrong with that.

My advice is based on experience. We had an employee from India named “Yash” who worked at my company for about a year but he left for Amazon.

If you’re trying to get into Amazon, study system design & algorithms non-stop. Go to a site like & study your butt off.

Buzz words and hype will always exist. No matter which line of work you’re in. It’s like high school all over again.

At the end of the day, it’s really about what you want to do everyday for 1/3 of your life. So only you can make that decision. There’s money in both and neither require the other.

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Thanks for sharing your opinion. Some Insider Insight is what I think I needed.

I will surely catch up with you if I need any other advice.
Thanks a lot again.

If your priority is a job and you like web dev, its a fair way to go. If you like ML/AI/DS and really want to work there, a masters in the field is the way to go. They both pay well, but the skills required are different for each. I’d say go with what is more interesting to you, personally.

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