AI, ML, Data Science

Everybody is talking about AI, ML, and/or data science these days. All three sound very interesting, but the line differentiating them is a bit hazy. What do AI engineers, ML engineers, and data scientists actually do? Could someone explain?
Also, are there really many jobs available in these fields? If yes, what are the skills needed (I guess Python is important, but what other language or skillset)?

mathematics, statistics, computer science foundamentals

without a related degree it is difficult to start with these fields

the difference is fuzzy, as Data Science is about analyzing big amounts of data, and the AIs are trained using Machine Learning methods using big amounts of data

you can have a preview in the curriculum, there is a section on Machine Learning

Mostly, they do a lot of very fancy statistics. Yes, they write code to perform the statistics, but the math is the defining feature, not what language they use.

If you want a job in one of those three areas, you probably need a degree with a fair amount of statistics.

Suppose you have a data about something and you ask a person can you tell me why my business did not work or why did it work really well. If that person is able to tell you that based on that data then that person is DATA ANALYST.
Now may be you want to know how will business be in next 1 year then the person who based on the same data tells you that is DATA SCIENTIST.
ML is a part of AI.
AI is a very vast field and ML comes within it.
ML- Machine Learning…we make machines learn by themselves , by their experiences (data). It enables machines to learn by themselves using the provided data.
DL(deep learning) is a part of ML.
We use our brains to identify patterns and classify various types of information, deep learning algorithms can be taught to accomplish the same tasks for machines.
If you read more about it things will be more clear.

I wrote what I understood. Please Correct me if I am wrong.

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Thank you so much for clearing my doubts!! :smiley: :smiley:

What about a Bachelor’s of Engineering degree? Would I need to do some other course or something for statistics?

Al/ML/Data Science are all specialized statistics. So it depends upon how well you understand foundational statistics from the required classes in your degree.

Okay, thank you!! :pray:t2: :pray:t2: