Are there plans to improve the "Information Security and Quality Assurance" section?

Hi everyone! I have a little complaining to do, but I want to be clear that the reason these problems really stood out to me is because the majority of the curriculum is so well done! I’m currently working on the final projects of the Information Security and Quality Assurance module, and have been getting caught again and again on little things with how this part is organized. Compared to earlier modules, the lessons are felt incredibly bare bones. Especially with the Chai challenges, I didn’t feel that it was explained to me why I’d be using any of these assertions, it essentially just threw me into a ton of very basic logic problems. I think it would be much more useful to learn how to define suites and read Mocha’s output (I also don’t think it’s explained ever that Mocha is the testing framework, I think it could be useful to leave out Chai altogether until its utility could be explained!). Most of these are also completely lacking hints.

What’s been really frustrating to me, though, is that the organization of the projects is very confusing, and the boilerplates use dated versions of all the packages. Are there any plans to do go over this section of the curriculum? Even just for typos? I’d also be interested in any way to contribute! And just to reiterate, FreeCodeCamp has been really great so far, I just felt like there’s kind of a jarring drop off in quality at this point!

Hey, if you are interested in helping, you can head over to GitHub and start working on Forking the repo and submitting PRs for improvements. That sort of this is super appreciated! For small stuff like wording and typo fixes, you could make those changes without setting up the full development environment, which makes getting started easier.

the challenges are always being updated

you can report anything that needs updated as a bug:

Thank you for helping make FCC better. Bugs can be reported as GitHub Issues. Whenever reporting a bug, please check first that there isn’t already an issue for it and provide as much detail as possible.

Free Code Camp is an open source project, so you can also contribute yourself. For anything about contributing you can read the contributing guidelines

The lessons will also change format in the near future (but not the projects, those will stay the same), the curriculum will change to teaching in a project based format and introduce new certificates:

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That sounds great, and makes total sense! I’ll make a point to go back through in the near future and give that a shot.

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check out the contributing guidelines I linked above, that will give you all indications you need to start, and it’s also where you can find more infos on setting up local environment for more technical contributions

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