Are there really enough jobs for us?

As I’m about to start my job search for a Front End position, I’m beginning to wonder if there really is a need for Front End devs. Maybe I’m just being pessimistic. However, before entering this field, I remember reading how there is a high demand for web developers.

In addition, since the day I joined this helpful community, I’ve read numerous stories --some inspiring and others that make me second guess the job market. If there are tons of jobs for us, why does it take months for even experienced developers to get hired?

There are a lot of jobs out there in all areas of development. A lot more is being attempted on the front-end these days from analytics to slickly styled apps to new JS flavors, so there are many front-end jobs. You see more postings for front-end engineers as a result. The notion that some had of the back-end being the territory of “engineers” and the front-end being for “designers” is breaking down.

Good luck in your job search. The IT job search can be frustrating, but in my opinion, that has more to do with the disarray of companies fumbling to hire the right IT people for their needs. Just approach it with as much patience as possible, and don’t be surprised when some employers can’t get their acts together and hire you. It’s about them, in their minds, not about you.