Front End Devs Have to be Designers?

I’ve been looking for coding work and have run into a number of jobs expecting a front end dev who’s also a whiz at Photoshop and design.

I’m terrible when it comes to design. Give me a psd layout and I can bring it to life, but ask me to make the layout and you might not wind up with anything all that great. In fact I’ve worked in an environment like that and found it to be wonderful. While I’m working on my design ability, I don’t really enjoy it and it’s the primary reason I want to go more in the backend dev/software route.

That being said, bills have to be paid and I’d rather be paid to code than otherwise.

Convoluted point-less, most likely TMI aside, is this the direction the industry is going in or am I just finding the el cheapo employers who are wishing for the stars to align?

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If you’re a freelancer or work in a small company, then there may be some expectation of design work. Speaking in some general, Aristotelean sense, design is not an essential skill of front end development.

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Do you have any recommendations for places to look for work through?

Just the obvious:,,, etc. Stay clear of unless you love spam.

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Yeah, I’ve been looking through the usual. Learned about the fallacy that is long ago lol. I appreciate the response though. Thanks.

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I’m going to start using this in casual conversation :smiley: