Is anyone else doing front end developement because they don't want to pursue a carreer in IT?

Is anyone else just interested in front end developement and all kinds of stuff?
Many people seem to use it as a new carreer choice but I am in it for the knowledge and hopefully one day to make a nice website!


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I started off just wanting to make a website but then enjoyed learning that I decided to switch careers and do it full time.

The forum has a number of people learning frontend for different reasons.
There are some that want to make a career change while others like just enjoy it for fun.

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Thanks for the response. Well I am almost 40 (not like that is stopping me) but somehow I think it is more of a youngster game. But anything I can pick up is definately welcome. :smiley:

Iā€™m learning front-end because I enjoy design and code. I want to be both a UI design and a front-end developer.

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I also want to be a UI designer and a front end developer but my question is this:
Are there any job description where you can do both?