Is anyone else doing front end developement because they don't want to pursue a carreer in IT?

Is anyone else just interested in front end developement and all kinds of stuff?
Many people seem to use it as a new carreer choice but I am in it for the knowledge and hopefully one day to make a nice website!


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I started off just wanting to make a website but then enjoyed learning that I decided to switch careers and do it full time.

The forum has a number of people learning frontend for different reasons.
There are some that want to make a career change while others like just enjoy it for fun.


Thanks for the response. Well I am almost 40 (not like that is stopping me) but somehow I think it is more of a youngster game. But anything I can pick up is definately welcome. :smiley:

I’m learning front-end because I enjoy design and code. I want to be both a UI design and a front-end developer.

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I also want to be a UI designer and a front end developer but my question is this:
Are there any job description where you can do both?

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Hello and welcome!
I’m freelancing as both web designer and developer.

I have never seen projects that ask for the designer/ FE developer combo. You need to be fullstack in most cases if you want to work as both. Due to the tighter budgets that ask for a hybrid.

Projects with bigger budgets have seperated design and developer teams.


Thank for your reply, design was what I first learnt before I started coding. Even presently I’m still working on both so that I can figure out the one I really want to do. Hopefully in the next few years I might be a full stack.

That’s my story:
Been a graphic/ web designer for over 20 years, then covid hit and I had to skill up with web development

I don’t regret it, feels good to be able develop my designs on my own and I can find much more work on the freelance market. The double skill pays off.

Fullstack in our case already starts when you can set up a headless CMS (Strapi, Contentful, Wordpress etc.) or connect your frontend to a service like Firebase. It’s enough for smaller projects like a restaurant site

For more sophisticated backend work the projects will need a back end developer of course, but the product owners should be aware of that.

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Wow! over 20years experience. That’s huge!
Although I had early exposure to the cyberspace many years ago, I never took any skill serious until 2020 during the Covid lockdown.
I hope to connect with you to for business opportunities, idea sharing and to grow my network of professionals and creative individuals.

I got into web dev in my mid-late 40s, after decades of being a professional musician. I’m now a full-time professional developer with a large company. #ymmv It can be done. It’s hard for everyone, and yes, it’s a little harder for use oldsters, but it can be done.


Well, just like life wants to make fun of me I had two offers for Designer/ Frontend Developer positions on LinkedIn today :joy:

Maybe there’s a growing demand for that combination, I can understand why. It speeds up the workflow and avoids the war between designers and developers that many projects suffer from (You won’t believe the ego battles that happen).

So it pays to be on the lookout or outright offer companies that combination if you can sell the benefits (and are decent in both skills).

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Front End Development is part of IT industry itself.

There are variety of jobs in IT industry, check out

I think Front End Development is getting popularity as more people across globe are having access to cheaper internet, smart devices and many local businesses wants to come online.

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