Newbie question on preparing portfolio. [Need Help]

Hi, I have some newbie questions and hoping to get insights.
First of all, this will be a little bit long but I’m really grateful for your time even just for reading it.

So I’m building a personal portfolio website right now, and I’m planning to use it to find a job.
I don’t have work experience in IT so I’m not sure the dos and don’ts.


  1. I saw some people will say that they are an aspiring front-end developer, etc. so my question is should I write that based on the job position that I after or my skills?

  2. At my previous workplace, I built a company website for them using WordPress, so basically I self-taught myself to build a theme using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, some JS and jQuery with my very limited knowledge. Nowadays, I’m in love with JS and the frontend frameworks. My question is how do I know if my knowledge or skills is enough to call myself a full-stack or frontend developer?
    *Note: my previous job is not IT related and I don’t have work experience related to IT. So I did that because I want to use what I’ve learned.

  3. As I mentioned above I have built a website before so I’m planning to add it to my portfolio, but later on the company website is altered after I stop working there, so is it still usable? :sweat:

  4. Is it okay or recommended to put freeCodeCamp front end development projects to the portfolio? because I only have a couple of project that I can put into my portfolio aside from freeCodeCamp projects.

I’d like to build more projects for my portfolio but I’m racing with time to get a job.

Any thoughts and feedback is very well appreciated!
Thank you

Hi @vineryap !

I personally think you should just say web developer.

I think if you build a few full stack apps then you will feel more comfortable going for both frontend and full stack junior roles.

Also, if you google interview questions and take home projects for front end and full stack you can see what types of questions could be asked.

If you feel that you know how to answer most of them or know how to do those take home projects then you are probably ready.

I think it would be good to have a few projects on your portfolio and not just the one website you built for that company.
That way if you are not able to add that company website to the portfolio you still have other projects to showcase.

I think the freecodecamp projects are great for learning but a lot of people have built those same projects.

I personally think your portfolio should have some projects that stand out. I think it would be better to create projects that are more unique.

But if you are going to use FCC projects, I would suggest adding some more features so it stands out from the others.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for your input.
It’s helpful :slight_smile:

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