Portfolio feedback / career advice

Hi all!
I would like to ask you a few questions about my progress in Front-end development. This is my personal portfolio (please give sincere feedback):

  1. Do you think I am at a point where I can apply for front-end junior jobs?
  2. If not, what else should I learn so I can become employable?
  3. Do I need more projects? Do you have suggestions of types of projects I can do?
  4. Is anyone available to mentor/help me ?

Thanks a lot!

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Good work so far on putting together a clean looking, cohesive portfolio!

Yes, but you will likely have a very limited appeal given what you’ve demonstrated so far.

What you have shown so far is a decent understanding of how to implement themes to blogs / marketing pages, and your calculator shows that when you custom write CSS (or SCSS), you keep everything cleanly organised.

There is definitely work for someone with these skills. However, there are also lots of people with these skills and more, so depending on your local job market, competition could be tough.

You could improve your marketability by adding a modern front end JS framework to your toolkit. In most areas React is likely to be the most in demand, but do some research locally.

This does require some extra learning, but you’ll get more opportunities if you can add this.

Your first three projects all demonstrate the same thing, really: implementing off the shelf themes. Really, one of these would suffice to show you can whip up a decent marketing site (I like the spa one, personally).

I’d recommend adding something that shows you can retrieve data from an API and dynamically render your content with it. Weather Apps are the obvious one for this, but there’s all sorts of fun APIs you can play with. Incidentally, React is particularly good for this type of app, so you could cross both skills off in one project.

I’m always happy to help motivated people :slight_smile:

To return to your first question: should you start applying? Yes, absolutely!

Just for one data point, a friend got a job just making HTML emails for an agency. They taught him React while he was there. When he applied for the job, he was clearly under qualified, and couldn’t do 70% of the things advertised. But they liked him, he was competent, and he got very lucky with limited competition for the role. You only need one application like that to launch your career!

That doesn’t usually happen, of course, but even if you get lots of rejections, you’ll learn throughout the process.

Good luck!


Thank you for your honest and comprehensive reply!
I will continue my learning with React and take your advice in building more projects with this framework and using API s.

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Hi, it’s looks not bad, but make it centered for large screens, i assume your native resolutions is 1920x1080.
Also on your Projects section, turn off the hover effect on mobile version, there is no mouse on mobile phones
Here is how i see it :slight_smile: https://nimb.ws/bxgsDu