Portfolio feedback -J.D

Hi everyone!

I am currently looking for my first job as Front End Developer. Can anyone review my personal portfolio? Any comments/feeback are appreciated.



Hey @jd2113!

I like your portfolio! It is clean and easy to navigate. One thing that I saw that was missing was your resume. So maybe you could add that to your portfolio.

I am only few months into my coding journey so I can’t comment on if these projects will impress employers. So hopefully a few of the professional developers on the forum can give their insight on that.

Good luck on your job search!

Happy coding!

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Generally, websites look good and neat, well i have noticed some little “bugs” in them, i don’t know if you already know about them or not, but i think it is a good idea to make portfolio projects with the least bugs possible when looking for a job…

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Hey @jd2113!
The Portfolio seems good and I like that you use gifs to showcase upfront what each individual project is about.
A small input from me would be to emphasize that you used APIs (certain Jobs require you to use APIs so you want to show that you know how to use them).

And maybe creating a Website as another project beside your Portfolio (a simple Website of a product or a Celebrity or anything).
For the purpose to show potential employers, that you can actually build something valuable, practical real-world oriented.
But hey it’s only a recommendation :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope my Input was useful to you ^^

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Thank you for your input and good luck to you as well in your coding journey!

Thank you for checking out my web applications. But may I ask what “bugs” you found in which project?

Thank you for your feedback and recommendation! I’ll be adding an about section for each project that will mention the APIs used.

Hey Justin,

great work so far!

Some suggestions:

  • basic: get a custom domain like yourname.com
  • basic: maintain (!) the apps, keep the packages up-to-date, e.g. with dependabot
  • basic: add Readme files to the projects
  • advanced: add your thoughts and how you’ve built the apps
  • advanced: add some testing, e.g. with react-testing-library

For example, in Pokedex web app, when you hover over a card, it scale up but appears behind the next one in the row, i am not sure if that is done or purpose or not, and about the Clone website, the ‘x’ in the searchbox appears out of the box on large screen. That only what i have noticed as a ‘noob’ in this domain, i don’t know how many more bugs a ‘pro’ can find.

Thank you for noticing! I have made the adjustments. I’ll be looking for further improvements I can make.

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