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Hi guys, I recently put together a portfolio so I could start applying to frontend MERN jobs in the uk. I already got an interview from it but I it’s something I threw together in a hurry and I know it could be a lot better, but being self-taught and not know anything about what is industry standard or desirable to recruiters I thought I’d ask if you guys could take a quick looks and give me some advice on what areas I should focus on.

I have two questions in particular;

  1. Are the type of projects I have on my portfolio the right kind, or am I better off trying to make different kinds of applications? I know anything with user authentification and e-commerce are desirable but I haven’t learnt how to do that stuff properly yet and as I’m after a front-end position I was thinking for now it may be better to just take what little backend I have and focus more on showcasing React.

  2. I have made an effort to make all of my projects responsive but I’ve found the chrome develeoper tools often look different to how the projects end up looking on my phone. Are there more accurate tools out there than the chrome dev tools and also is the way I’m writing css obviously flawed in regards to responsive design?

Any advice to get me more job ready or just better at coding in general would be appreciated


If it doesn’t allow you to post a link you can break it using backticks or just pull it apart and people can put it back together again.

If you are applying for a full-stack position you should probably have some full-stack apps, not just SPAs.

There are sites like browserstack and lambdatest that let you run the site on actual devices but they cost money. I’d say as long as you have tested the sites in device mode and used Playwright to test them on browsers not available to you (like WebKit on Windows) it should be fine. Sure for production apps you have to test more thoroughly but most bugs are reported by the users and only then tested and fixed for the specific devices.

More general questions might be better put in the career section of the forum.

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As you are not really asking for code feedback I think I will move your thread to the Career Advice section.

If you want feedback on specific sites you have made you can always open a thread for it in the code feedback section.

From a design perspective:

  • The font is basic, could you use something a bit more stylish? There are nicer fonts than Arial out there (
  • I’d rethink the background, it’s not easy to read the text. Personally I find fixed background images a bit ugly/old-fashioned looking. If you could make a parallax effect though with a better image perhaps that would look better. Or just a static background of some kind.
  • The robot spider is a bit confusing. Can’t you have a photo of yourself here or at least something related to web development?
  • The copy/descriptions are good
  • Change the favicon
  • add READMEs to your Github projects, it looks more professional than having the CRA README still there
  • make external links open in a new tab
  • the design for the kayleigh parks website is stylish… would recommend making it look a bit more like that
  • Had a glance at the code on one of the projects, looks clean enough
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Hi, I have been in your portfolio and noticed one problem with naming your job position u have written the front end with mern stack but who master mern we can call them full stack because he takes care of the backend and frontend. The second, you have to learn about Ux ui it is very important if u are front end developer, it will teach u how to use color , font, and much more. the third one is The project u have built does not stand out for ex u can build project about video streaming app or social media apps or weather apps or you can search online to get more ideas. I hope this help u.

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