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Hey Back ends

I have a question about career expectations.

  • Did you master css/html before landing a back end job?
  • Do you consider styling boring and would rather read numpy documentation?
  • Do I have to have a knack for front end design to break into the industry?
  • Am I the only one that views CSS as my arch nemesis?
  • Why Flex box Why?

Let me hear your thoughts.


Who takes the cake?

I’m not sure what your point or question is. Clearly you don’t like styling - many of us don’t.

Do you have a question? It reminds me of the old line from Much Ado About Nothing, “This learned constable is too cunning to be understood.”

You don’t like CSS and flex box? OK. Then don’t learn them. I will say that I think it is harder to get a first job in strictly b/e work, especially without a degree. But whatever floats your boat. I was more interested in learning whatever it took to get a job. I didn’t go in with the expectation that I was owed a job where I wouldn’t have to do anything that wasn’t fun.

But again, I’m still having a hard time understanding what your point is here.


Hey Kevin , thank you for your thoughts. To be clear, How much front end work do YOU think makes up a successful developer to break into the industry. ( side note , I viewed your portfolio, and the green down arrow doesn’t work in my current browser config. I have to be about one green arrow left to get the pointer cursor.)


edit I only get the pointer cursor on gallery and contacts. Green down arrow a No-go every subject.

For what job? Personally, I think f/e is the easiest job to get with no degree or experience. So, you want to be as good as you can get. If you are looking for “what’s the minimum”, then that’s a warning sign. Keep learning. Keep building. Keep getting better. Once you get a job, then you can take a deep breath. And then hopefully keep learning.

I viewed your portfolio…

Yes, it is broken. It worked fine before. The purpose of the site was to help me get a job. I now have a great job so fixing it is not a high priority. I’m too busy working my job and moving to Spain to be bothered fixing it. I’m sure I’ll get around to it eventually, if I ever decide to switch jobs again.

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Yes Sir! Any dev job. minimum requirements , no not really, most likely requirements is what I am concerned with .Looking for a lateral career move($ok but hours!). Being uncomfortable means learning for sure . Good luck on your Spain endeavor.

I don’t know about “minimum requirements”. To me that implies that there is some kind of threshold. I don’t think of it that way. To me it’s about probability. You have to keep increasing your probability. As you do that, the laws of probability, market need, and luck catch up. The more you learn, the faster that happens.

  1. Learn basic → intermediate HTML, CSS, and JS.
  2. Learn a modern f/e u/i library.
  3. Learn some of the ecosystem to support that library.
  4. Learn some basic b/e.
  5. Keep building and learning.
  6. Learn new things and use it as an excuse to build something new.
  7. Build something new as an excuse to learn something new.
  8. Work on your Resume, portolio, linkedin, interviewing skills, algorithm challenges, etc.
  9. Network and apply like crazy.
  10. Keep repeating 5-9 until you have a job.

FCC can help with the first 4 - the first 6 certs give you the building blocks of a MERN stack.

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# 6 and # 7 hit the hardest. Thanks BOSS. I will smash the keyboard like im swinging a 5lb hammer. And I will try to whistle while i work.

        1UP ++
        failure === !anOption{

or something like that. To be debugged.

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