Not getting a job yet as a Front End Developer entry level

Hello Friends/Campers,

One quick question, just trying to apply to companies, but seems that most of them want someone with lots of experience. I’m having trouble trying to get hired because maybe of my lack of experience. I get that part and there is no complaint. So far I know this.

CSS3 Grid System with CSS3 media Queries (Responsive Web Design)
Vanilla JS (ES5, ES6).
(BEM & PostCSS) to keep your styles super-organized and manageable even on large sites.
PostCSS - (PostCSS Simple Variables, PostCSS Simple Variables nested, PostCSS Autoprefixer).
Git - Control System Designed for tracking changes in source code during software development.
Command Line Basics.

As you can see it’s very basic and not with experience. Most of them want a library React Js I’m trying to learn that as well, So I’m on my way as I speak, sometimes I feel that I suck and might just give up.


You always have to start from something right? or give a change to a noob, so he can soon earn his wings.

Hi @imendieta !

I had to redact your paragraph about asking for companies looking for juniors.
We don’t allow that on the forum.
If we did allow that, then the forum would be flooded with types of requests.
Hope you understand :grinning:

A lot of people are struggling right now to get a job.
There have been a lot of posts in the forum during the pandemic from people struggling to get interviews.

The competition for juniors is really intense.
There are a lot of people that just got into tech and are looking to get their first job.

I haven’t started applying because I am still building up my portfolio but I know it will suck when I start applying for jobs.

My advice would be to keep building up your portfolio and try to connect with other developers.
I have had a lot of luck connecting with developers on linkedin and twitter.
I have also been attending online meetups, and conferences and connecting with other developers through those channels as well.

They have provided suggestions on what types of projects to build, provided feedback on my work and provided tips on how to craft a resume.
Their advice has been really helpful.

I think the most important thing to remember is that this is a tough season in your life but it will pass.

I remember when I first got started in LA as a freelance musician and that was the toughest season of my life.
Trying to get the good paying gigs and work with the best contractors was ridiculously hard.
There were plenty of moments where I wanted to quit and felt really down about myself.
But I kept persisting, and against all odds was able to make a decent living doing what I loved.

You just have to keep going.
It will get better. :grinning:

If you want to share your resume or portfolio, people would be happy to provide feedback on how to improve and increase your chances of landing an interview.

Hope that helps!


Hi @jwilkins.oboe !

Thank you so much for your fast reply. I understand you redacted my writing, and that’s is totally fine :slight_smile:

I know right now it’s hard to get a job I can tell, not many actually, and if your experience you might get a chance to interview. Thank you for your advice and I will have it in mind, I actually making a strong with having React JS since it’s really important to have it so it’s a plus. In your case wow! You’re really good at JS I can tell, you know every solution and issue regarding JS, I’m sure you will find a job right away! but for me a knucklehead I need more time and study but eventually reach my goal. Sometimes I do get frustrated because I know if I get into a job and if I get hired, I will learn a lot, just need that chance, so far I haven’t got the luck they ask for experienced developers.

Thank you so much for your help and explanation. I will do as you told me, and trying to ask questions I want to be like you trying to learn as much, get that portfolio strong, and help the community grow and to help them also with their concerns.

Thank you so much.

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Can you please share links to online meetups ?


Here are a few resources I use a lot.

This dot labs has tons of events online.

They are all free.
Some of them are workshops, some are panels, some are discussion groups etc.
Get involved in the chat.
Ask questions.
And also, message the presenters on twitter afterwards thanking them for their time.

A thank you goes a long way.
I am very appreciative for the resources they provide and they always respond back.
That opens up a door to conversations.
Some of them have taken the time to look at my work and ask questions.

Connection is a very powerful tool :grinning:

Meetup dot com is really popular.

I went to one last month for Women who code LA chapter.
A lot of them are virtual still but you can learn a lot and connect with great people.

There are a few javascript conferences happening this month.

A lot of them will have chats or discords going on during the event.
Some might have a Q&A session with the speakers afterwards.

Just hopping on twitter and linkedin helps too.
There are plenty of developers running around there.
Connect with them over those sites and learn about more opportunities.

Hope that helps!


It’s good that you know HTML, CSS, Grid, BEM, PostCSS, Git, NPM, and the command line. Those are all certainly essential for front-end development, and you might be able to find a job somewhere with just those skills.

However, it’s definitely limiting that you don’t yet know a front-end library or framework, and I’d definitely recommend learning one asap. React is the most popular right now by far, although you can also find jobs in Vue or Angular. I’d suggest starting with React because it’s the most prevalent.

A good free starting resource is Dave Ceddia’s intro to React here: (sign up to get his emails)


Also the react docs are pretty good.

They have tons of examples that you can play around with in codepen.
Also, they cover hooks and the FCC curriculum doesn’t cover that.

Job hunting is absolutely miserable. It always sucks and the tech industry has this weird cultural perception that the worse the application/interview process is, the better the company must be. It sucks extra hard if you don’t have a lot of professional experience. And everything just sucks more during this godawful plague.

Try not to fry yourself so much with job applications that you don’t have the energy or enthusiasm to keep learning and keep building things.


Hi @jwilkins.oboe

Thank you so much for the info you have provided it helps a lot to know other developers. Lots of rich material to choose from and to work on. This will help us get things done quickly and as questions regarding the new age technologies. Especially the react js getting started.
I will take your word and examples to the task. thank you!

hi @astv99

I want to thank you for your reply and time. I totally understand that what i have its important but also i know its the basics. Yes i found over a bit of time that React JS its very important and now its the new kid on the block. I’m currently working hard on getting the basics and trying to catch up fast, although I’m taking my time to understand the structure and how it works, the good thing is that i know the basics of JS vanilla and its more easy to understand, the only thing I’m working on its trying to understand the syntax of JSX its a whole new world when it comes mixing js/html and even styles, But I’m getting there. But thank you for your reply it help me a lot!!! and the link to React i will def look into it, i need to eat as much as i can.

Hi @ArielLeslie

Thank you for your feedback and to be honest regarding first jobs and that there aren’t so many right now. Sometimes i do get fly and frustrated that i cannot get something but I’m will follow what you are telling me because i know your experienced one, and i want to follow your footsteps.

Thank you so much, for all your info, as I’m working hard to learn and build my portfolio, and making things from nothing to something even if they are dumb.

Thank you so much.

Thanks a ton for detailed info, this is super useful.


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I’m sure you will get your dream job sooner, just keep faith and keep applying which is most important.

Can you try below 2 options, am sure you will get job in 1 - 3 months max

  1. Software Engineer jobs at YC startups | Y Combinator

  2. Goto TOP VC website and check their job page, there as well you can find loads of jobs from the startups they have invested in

  3. As @jwilkins.oboe shared in her last post, make new friends through meetup; if someone refers you in their company it’s much easier to get in rather than applying to 100s of companies and waiting for luck

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