Applying for Junior Front End Engineer (help)

Hey FCC,

So finally my company where I’m working right now as a technical support rep is now looking for the Jr front end engineer. Now i really need some help i did some basics but I don’t consider myself a good programmer at all just a beginner level and i had a word with one of the HR reps they told me that they need someone who has good grip/knowledge modern web applications, Implement designs from mockups using modern web technologies, Communicate with back end engineers about API requirements or refinements, Work with designers to build highly usable and performant UIs.

The job is for the jr level developer but they still need some experience so he asked me to show a portfolio and some projects so he can land me a job interview but since I’m not prepared. I don’t have anything in hand and I really want to get this job so how can i prepare for this job. I know its not a one night thing we all need some time I just want to get enough knowledge and projects so I can atleast land an interview and not look like a complete noob in the interview.

This is the job qualification they posted for this position:


Experience in a front end development role
Experience in modern web frameworks such as AngularJS/2+, React, Vue, etc
Highly skilled in breaking design mockups into pixel perfect, clean HTML/CSS
Comfortable using CSS preprocessors such as SASS
Experience in modern front end development tools such as Webpack/Gulp/Grunt
Some prior experience in Ruby on Rails is a big plus!

Is there anyway I can learn some of these tools get a good grip in a month or so? is it possible?

I work from 6 am - 3 pm 5 days/week so I need someone who can help me in setting up my schedule and learn the tools.

would really appreciate your feedback and help i know its not impossible this can be achieve with some extra effort and work but i need fcc support in this :frowning:

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You need a Time Machine.

Ok, here’s the long game. It’s great that your company have these kind of positions available. But I don’t think you’re ready yet. Instead, see this as a sign that somewhere down the road, it’s possible for you to make a lateral move in your company to do some kind of development work. (i.e. you don’t have to quit your company, and find another company… you just need to qualify for this job within your company)

So take this as an incentive to learn all the stuff above that they’ve given out in the requirements. Now you know what to learn. And start chipping away at it.

May also help to start making friends in that department, and show them what you’re learning, ask for their help/opinions in a friendly kind of way, and show off your current projects (and lots and lots of projects) . Who knows, if they happen to need an entry-level position they may think of you.


Yea I wish i could get a time machine.