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Hi everyone,
I have a question.
is it enough if you have a tech stack of:- html, css, bootstrap-sass, tailwind, javascript and ( learning react ) to apply for an entry-level or internship job? or is there anything else you need to learn before applying for a job?

I don’t have a tech job yet (someone who does will probably be on shortly) but I can pass on some advice that was given to me by some people that have programming jobs.
You definitely should learn what you can, and HTML, CSS, JS, React are all good ones, but without practice and some personal projects to show that you know those things, you likely won’t get hired. Do you have a portfolio of personal projects started? a personal website? anything like that?

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Yes I have in GitHub and working on personal website.

From my own experience, you will only need HTML, CSS, JS, React and few good projects to showcase on GitHub.

Others skills you can learn on job as well.

If you’re good portfolio projects, just start applying. Checkout Y Combinator jobs page, it is my favourite.

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Thanks. will check it out.

Usually jobs for frontend design require you to know basic HTML, CSS and enough Javascript to solve various problems. Might or might not need to learn how to manipulate the DOM without the help of UI libraries and frameworks.

As for React, it’s a very popular one that many employers seek, but it might not hurt to at the very least learn it well, and understand why and how it works at the surface level. Maybe learn the very basics of Typescript, Git(hub), SQL, JSON and HTTP (api calls, form usage, url structure, http methods and response codes, etc), and the terminal.

Tailwind is a very good extra to have for sure, and if the job uses a different tool instead of React (let’s say, Vue, Angular, Svelte or similar) then they’ll give you a bit of time to learn it and obviously there’s always google and chat gpt to help you along the way.

You should learn some basic backend like building a simple rest api with express and mongo db. It’s in the fcc curriculum and not that difficult to learn compared with react.

Part of the job of a frontend developer is interacting with the backend so you need a basic grasp of how that works in practice.

Ultimately it will come down to the quality of your cv, projects and GitHub.

I was planning to learn some basic backend but didn’t know where to start Thank you !! will check (rest API with express and Mongo DB)

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This one takes a week a two to complete, it’s fairly short

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Thanks a lot. I’m doing it right now. As I have worked with NPM before while doing personal projects it is quite easy to understand. Cheers.

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