What is the next move?

I’m at intermediate level in coding, with HTML, CSS JavaScript and React.

What should be my next move?
Can i start applying for frontend positions?

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Absolutely. You can apply for jobs with various positions like UI developer, Javascipt / React developer, frontend web developer etc.,

Most front-end roles will be tested majorly on basics (Html, CSS, Javascript) first. If you are thorough in it, you can easily crack any job.

Based on interview experiences, you can decide what areas you lag in, what needs to improve and other tech stack you want to focus on.

I suggest, once you master above skills, you can learn any css framework like SASS/Bootstrap/Tailwind, other tech like Typescript, NodeJS, Redux etc.,

Many fishes are there in web dev ocean :joy:
…All the best for your job search :grinning:

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Thank you for your time

I would take what was said above with a grain of salt. Yes, you can technically apply for jobs because no one is stopping you. Will you be successful? Thats an entirely different thing. What do you consider to be intermediate? Do you have a portfolio to show potential recruiters? What projects have you completed?

You need to do some research regarding this, and look at the job openings in your area or where you want to work. A lot of jobs even entry level will require more than this. So I would suggest you look and see what skills these jobs are asking for

The last part said about “easily crack any job” I would highly disagree with. Even people with a bachelor’s degree have a hard time landing a job. Not that you cant do it without one, but in no way is going to be close to being easy


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