Are you planning on adding more lessons to JQuery?

I noticed that JQuery does have a limited number of lessons and they don’t exactly completely learn you how to actually use it to its potential. Is it just me or it is normal?

But again, I’m just a beginner and I haven’t seen much about JQuery except some codes in internet.

My question is, are you planning on adding more lessons to sections like JQuery?

Correct me if I’m wrong, please.

It is simply meant to give you some exposure to jQuery. To learn more, definitely check out thejQuery website.. The documentation on the official site is well written and comprehensive.

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It would be great if you extended it more. The most thing that I like about freecodecamp is that you learn AND practice at the same time so there are no need to open your editor and start practicing on doing some lame codes without knowing what you do.

I hope that libraries section will get more extended at the future.