Are you very new to frontend web development .... check this out

Hi came accross this site
FREE COURSE on responsive web design so decided to give it a go … its quite easy and informative (well for me as i have covered a lot of the stuff through googling and searching the last few weeks while working on my portfolio so i had a understanding of most of it) but if i had come across it sooner would have saved me going to a lot of different sites as it cover all that i have being doing in one course.
I think this really complements what we are learning here on freeCodeCamp especially helpful to those that might not have experience yet using devloper tools for checking if there site is responsive for mobiles … using media queries and such.
Anyway thought i would post a link and maybe some of you might find it useful as even though i have being using devloper tools an media queries i am still getting a lot from it.