Web Pages for Mobile platforms

Is there a place on freecodecamp to learn more about making web page good for mobile. I almost finished all responsive web design but I don’t really know how to make it to look good on mobile. Any advices about it? Where to learn that?

Hi @xLuka03, apart from the responsive web design part and the media queries, I don’t know if on the FCC curriculum there is something more related to mobile.
I do wish there was more content about web design, to complement the web development part.
In the case of freelancers that most of the time have to wear both hats, that would be extremely helpful.

But I do suggest to read the free book “mobile UI design patterns” from UXpin: https://www.uxpin.com/studio/ebooks/mobile-design-patterns/.
They also have another one related to the UI of web pages for the usual “big screens”.

I hope it helps.