Argument (param1,param2)

What the mean of the task
I’ve been tried many times but it still not working

please post the link to your problem

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Done bro i forgot wkwkw

Can you please share you code and describe the problem you are having?

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“Create a function called functionWithArgs that accepts two arguments and outputs their sum to the dev console.”

The code in your screenshot isn’t outputting the sum of the two arguments to the console.

Also, you need to call the function yourself using any two numbers after the function definition.

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that’s my code
Can you show me the right answer

Please post your code instead of a picture. Thanks

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Please show me the right answer

Please stop posting pictures. Post your actual code.

We don’t write solutions for users, but we can help you fix your code.

It looks like you wrote a + in the function arguments list instead of a comma, but it’s easier to show you where if you share your actual code.

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Ohh oke its work thanks bro

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