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Hello Friends,
Hope you are having a happy coding time, I’m trying to solve this problem but something is going wrong any advice or link I should check ?

Thanks a lot !

Create a function that sums two arguments together. If only one argument is provided, then return a function that expects one argument and returns the sum.

If either argument isn’t a valid number, return undefined.

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function addTogether() {
let sum = 0;
if(typeof(arguments[0]) == "number" && typeof(arguments[1]) == "number"){
  sum = arguments[0]+arguments[1];

}else if(typeof(arguments[0] !== "number") || typeof(arguments[1]) !== "number"){
  sum = undefined;
   sum = (a) => {
    return (b) => {
      return a+b;

return sum; 

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Challenge: Arguments Optional

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This condition isn’t correct. If I pass only one argument to the function (the second one will be undefined) then instead of giving back another one function it will return undefined.

this one looks incorrect as well.

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