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When i run the tests the formatting looks correct with all the spaces and everything, however i still keeps getting 6 failed tests. It would be amazing if anyone can check out my code and help out thanks!

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def arithmetic_arranger(problems, solve = False):
  #final solution strings
  firstline = ""
  secondline = ""
  lines = ""
  sumdif = ""
  strings = ""
  if (len(problems) >= 6):
    return "Error: Too many problems."
  for problem in problems:
    first_number = problem.split(" ")[0]
    operator = problem.split(" ")[1]
    second_number = problem.split(" ")[2]
    #operator can only be + or -
    if (operator == "/" or operator == "*"):
      return "Error: Operator must be '+' or '-'."
    #numbers can only be a digit
    if (first_number.isdigit() == False or second_number.isdigit() == False):
      return "Error: Numbers must only contain digits."
    #max of 4 digit width
    if (len(first_number) >= 5 or len(second_number) >= 5):
      return "Error: Numbers cannot be more than four digits."
    # if solve is true solutions
    answer = ""
    if (operator == "+"):
      answer += str(int(first_number) + int(second_number))
    elif (operator == "-"):
      answer += str(int(first_number) - int(second_number))
    #find the length of the longer number 
    line = "-"
    long_length = max((len(first_number)), len(second_number)) + 1
    for d in range(long_length):
      line += "-"
    #returning/printing final values
    if problems != problem[-1]:
      firstline += first_number.rjust(len(line)) + "    "
      secondline += operator+ " " + second_number.rjust(len(line)-2) + "    "
      lines += line + "    "
      sumdif += answer.rjust(len(line)) + "    "
      firstline += first_number.rjust(len(line)) 
      secondline += operator + " " +second_number.rjust(len(line)-2)
      lines += line 
      sumdif += answer.rjust(len(line))
  if solve:
    strings += firstline + "\n" + secondline + "\n" + lines + "\n" + sumdif
    strings += firstline + "\n" + secondline + "\n" + lines
  return strings

Challenge: Arithmetic Formatter

Link to the challenge:

Can you show the error test please?
and if you contain the code in three backticks ``` then it displays better - they go on their own lines before and after the code.

code example

Could you give a link to your replit or the tests output?

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Copied your code to my PC and run it with some input and this is the result:
It prints double results - try to look into that

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thank you defoxicator, but I am pretty sure one of those is the return value, and the other from the print statement, so that’s not an issue

it does that because i have print (strings) and return (strings) at the end. but if u remove the print it should just be one but the code still seems to be wrong

link: boilerplate-arithmetic-formatter-1 - Replit

link boilerplate-arithmetic-formatter-1 - Replit you can view my code and how it runs.

I would guess the reason it is failing is because your problems are ending up with additional spaces at the end.

assert ' 3801 ... ----- ' == ' 3801 ...---- -----'

Thats hard to read, but the first value is your string (start and end), the second is theirs… notice that the end of yours has some spaces… in theirs the ‘-’ characters go all the way to the end. I also ran a print with a word right afterward to see if there were any spaces and as you can see, there are 4 spaces between the end of your equations and a string I added.

   32      3801      45      123
+ 698    -    2    + 43    +  49
-----    ------    ----    -----    IMEDiate

It appears in the code you are using a comparison problems != problem[-1]… to determine whether or not to add four spaces at the end. As your equation is ending up with four spaces at the end, I’m guessing that’s not evaluating as you think it is.

Hope that points you in the right direction.


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