Arithmetic arranger please help

having trouble with this not sure if my codes wrong or not or if I’m having trouble understanding the tester

boilerplate-arithmetic-formatter - Replithere the link

What is your problem?
Can you show the error or say what you’re trying to fix please?
The tester is very fussy about spaces and \n

are we allowed to post photos because I can send a link but I can also screen shot my code is here

Copy text and paste between lines that only contain three backticks (`) is preferred method.
(three lines below - 1 & 3 are 3x`, middle line is text I’m sharing)

like this

I’m sorry I dont understand do you want me to copy the error
or the code or are you telling me how to format a reply?

I’m only another student like you.
If you tell me the error message you are trying to understand then I might be able to help.
Do you have a Traceback that you can show?
Is the code failing the autotest?

You have only 3 spaces between each problem. It should be 4.

Thanks sorry been busy with work but this was what I was looking for gonna loop back to it once I finish the other projects

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