Python arithmetic arranger

Please i need assistance i’ve been stuck on the spacing for a while

I edited your post because the link was not visible (it has to be placed inside angled brackets to show up on the forum)

if you comment out this line in

# Run unit tests automatically

This will stop the automated tests from running so that you can see the single output from the one line test that has which is this line
print(arithmetic_arranger(["32 + 698", "3801 - 2", "45 + 43", "123 + 49"]))

Your code handles the above call to arithmatic_arranger by outputting

Is that what you were expecting to happen?

Because this is a project used for certification, we can’t write this code for (not that we would anyway), but you need to make some effort to describe the problem you are having in detail and ask some specific questions either about the project itself (if something is not clear perhaps about the expectations) or about the language/coding aspect.

One thing I can mention: on line 30 you form the arranged_problems but you never return it. (that’s the last line of code so that is probably why you have None as a return right now)

i am grateful . i think i might have tampered with the code on by mistake because now the test module wont run and i don’t know if i passed. is fine
the problem is there is no return statement after line 30 on the

i already returned it, please take a look again and tell me why the whole test module wouldnt run

now you have to uncomment out the line in again

# Run unit tests automatically

to start the tests running again

passed!!! … i am thankful, i am a newbie so this is my first ever project

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good job. Hope you can keep practicing.

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