Around and around Step 56

Hope things are going well for you?
I’ve been locked in a coding loop since…well, not exactly sure! :smirk:

I think the following is a link to Step 56,Step%2056,-There%27s%20another%20way

The following is my code.

Here is what I believe to be true:
I have added a label element with an opening and closing tag directly beside checkbox.
There are spaces between attributes.
My label element has a for attribute.
My for attribute and my input have the same value loving

Is it true that the HTML hierarchy looks like a tree?
So, does one start at the roots and add branches? Is there a particular order for subsequent attributes? Is `checkbox’ my root element?

Is there an HTML dictionary that also displays hierarchy?
@ your convenience and much appreciated.

I can’t see your code.
The easiest way to create a forum post for a specific challenge is to click on the Help icon, which appears after you have submitted incorrect code three times.
This will create a direct link to the challenge, display your full code and allow you to explain what you’re struggling with.

If you can show us your code, I’m sure we can help.
You’ve included empty code tags in your post, so you could always go back and edit the post and paste your code again.

So much easier. Thank you.

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