Asking for help. I am learning basic CSS building a cafe Menu

I am stuck at learning basic CSS building a Cafe Menu step 29 (beta) and I need help to write this code.

I am in step 29 in building a Cafe Menu and I’m stucked there. This is what I’m assigned to do.

Since the cafe’s main product for sale is coffee, you could use an image of coffee beans for the background of the page.

Delete the comment and its contents inside the body type selector. Now add a background+image property and set the value to url(

This is my code and its not working. I need help to pass this step.

.background-image {
Background-image: url(“”) ;}

I need help here because I’ve been stucked here the whole night. Thanks.

Your code:

You have to set the image using the body selector not with a .background-image.
Try changing that.

here is my code, its just same as we use image source in cat app with alt (coffee bean)



      <img src   

= “

alt=“coffee icon”>

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