Assessment test for a job

I have to take an assessment test for a job i applied for. Its for front end development. And the other assessment is for back end development. Are these tests usually hard? And is there a site where i can take practice test's?

It varies. Many of them are designed to be too hard for you to complete in the allowed time (they want to see your problem solving and how far you get). Others can be solved many ways and they want to see how good of a solution you come up with.

Ok. This one is also timed. Max time is 135 minutes per test. Another reason im nervous

Just do your best and try not to panic.

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Just do your best. Accept that before hand that you will make some mistakes and there will be some things you won’t be sure about. That’s OK - they’re not looking for perfection,

Just breathe and try to relax. You’re either ready for the job or you aren’t. If you don’t get this one, then this will be a learning experience that will help you down the like. I’ve done a few of these things and every one has made me a better coder in some way, teaching me something or pointing out a weakness.

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