First Interview Test

It looks like I have an online test for a junior front-end developer role that I’ve applied for.

Does anyone have any experience of what it might be or any tips on what to practice?



I don’t have any advice, but I would love to hear what questions they ask you when you do it!

Technical Questions and Answers


Nice shout. I’ve actually found which has some actual tests that look pretty good.

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Well it was split into 4 sections.

CSS (2 sections)

I failed the PHP but I have never even looked at PHP in my life - they were impressed that I attempted it though. I passed SQL - the question was quite easy. I passed most of the CSS, but only about 50% passed the JavaScript.

Interview is on Monday :slight_smile:

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Cool! How many questions were there in each section and what type of questions were they asking?

Yeah, can you tell us some of the harder questions? (except PHP ones :))

Good luck! You got this!

Get us informed!

1 PHP question, 1 SQL question.

2 x 10 CSS questions - mostly fairly easy.

1 Javascript question.

I’ve had the main interview, I was with them 3 hours, in a pub. Just 2 beers. Still waiting to hear back. When I left I estimated my chance at 80% of being offered the role but my confidence is slowly dwindling as I wait!