Prepping for developer internship

Hey fellow FCCer’s!!

I am excited, the interview is in 5 days, I’m pretty sure it is for a front end type roll since they told me they mostly use JS, JQ, html, css, php and bootstrap. Its a small expanding company here in Pittsburgh. My professor connected me with them since they have close ties to my university.

I am comfortable with all of those skills mentioned except php. This is my first tech interview. We have all read stories of interviews at major tech companies, but I am wondering how an internship interview would differ from a normal full-time interview. Although I’m slightly nervous, I’m looking forward to the opportunity regardless!

It should be about an hour long and consist of technical questions, the only thing I’m worried about is that they asked me to bring projects that showcase my skills, but I don’t have any besides my tribute and portfolio page from here, and some simple exercises from my classes. Working full-time and going to school full-time makes it extremely difficult to work on side projects for fun.

What experiences has everyone had with internships/interviews? Anything in particular we should be looking out for?

If your professor recommended you, then I’m sure he felt you were a good candidate. If you have time in the next 5 days, try to whip up something new.

Focus on having a great attitude. You’ll probably be asked to talk about or do something that’s new. Don’t freak out. Enjoy the challenge, and even if you feel like you didn’t do a good enough job, it would be a big plus to appear willing to learn and know how to handle uncertainty.

Good luck!

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Hi! Let me say that is a good advantage that your teacher recommended you! Cause’ your teacher see’s you as a good and focused person! take it easy, don’t be afraid if you know JS, JQ & css all will be ok, in the case of PHP i have to say that you problaby work with the MVC model, just read something about this and how work’s! That’s all men good luck!

PD: i’m a junior developer too! and if you get the job let us know!

UPDATE: I got the internship!

Got the call yesterday, it starts this summer and I’ll be working with their other web devs on their most recent projects, very exciting stuff! I am not sure I would have done well with out the help here at FCC.

The interview itself wasn’t too difficult, it kind of helped that my interviewer was my age which made me more comfortable. It started with a few basic questions like “tell me about yourself” and “whats your favorite part about programming”. I was a little concerned that I didn’t have anything to showcase besides my portfolio, but I don’t think it was a big deal since I explained that in addition to being a full-time student and employee, I also do alot of self-learning here at FCC and told him a little about what we do.

The questions were pretty basic, a few questions about object-oriented and UI design principles, the difference between === and ==, what does “FALSE” === true result in, etc…

I was asked to write two simple programs, one of them the “fizzbuzz” challenge, the other to write a function that determines if a number is prime or not. Nothing outside the scope of the beginner algorithm questions here.

There were a few questions where I fumbled the answer, and simply ended up saying “I don’t know”, which may be necessary rather than trying to BS your way into an answer.

At the end I asked a couple questions like “how does our work in development impact our business and customers” and “what skills should I be preparing myself for”. It is important to know how the work you will be doing will affect everyone in the business and how it will help their customers, this also shows you are interested in the “big picture” and want to contribute and not just be a code monkey lol.

My only advice would be to demonstrate your interest in the work you do, express your goals when you get a chance (mine was to become a full-stack developer and contribute to the whole development process). Relax, be confident, and don’t be intimidated at all by any questions you might not know, even if you don’t show that you are willing to struggle and work your way through a problem piece by piece and ask questions when needed. Also, don’t think of it as an interrogation, think of it as a two-way conversation about technology between two people.

This may have been easier that most interviews being an internship position, and I’m sure there are much more difficult challenges for other jobs, but stick to the basics. Practice what you put on your resume, show confident and friendly demeanor, ask questions, show a love for learning, and have fun! I hope this helped!