I have a phone interview tomorrow

I have a phone interview tomorrow for a web/mobile application developer position.

I plan to spend the rest of the night studying, what are some resources you recommend I look over? Does anyone have any helpful advice?

I recommend sleep, being refreshed will be much more useful than a cramming might

Reviewing for a while before going to sleep is not a bad idea, it helps to cement infos in your brain, but you actually need to sleep enough for that

I was thinking I could maybe fill like a paper with notes that I could glance at if I get stuck on something or have some kind of mental block. I’m not even really sure what they’ll ask me other than “Tell us about yourself”".

Honestly, I’d Google “JavaScript interview questions” and go from there.

When I do that I mostly just find whiteboard questions, do they typically ask you to solve problems over the phone or will they just kind of ask me questions about the technology to see if I know what I’m talking about?

I would focus even more on just selling yourself while keeping it humble. Be confident, but also outright about the skills you still have to develop.

When I was doing a quick review before interviews, I looked at things like this, and this, and this.

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Awesome the last link is perfect, I’m going to start reading over these now thank you.

How did the interview go?

The interview went well however, the person giving the phone interview didn’t really seem like they knew what they were talking about or even really looking for. The position was advertised as an entry level front-end dev but then over the phone the interviewer was asking me questions about ASP.NET and C#, Java and SEO stuff which I know nothing about.

Back to looking for jobs ;(

Keep at it you’ll land something!