First Developer Interview Coming Up

Hi Everyone

I have my very first developer interview coming up tomorrow. Needless to say I am quite nervous. I have done some research on the forum, and online in general, to get a good understanding of what I might be asked. The position comes with the usual front end developer requirements: js, bootstrap, frameworks like react etc. I am still relatively new, and they probably can see that, as on my resume, there is no developer experience listed, minus my projects section. I am hoping my eagerness to keep learning and work hard will make up for any coding shortcoming I have. I am wondering if anyone can give any advice on what I can expect, or just general words of wisdom. Thanks in advance!

I would say don’t stress if they ask you a tech question and you don’t know. Try to show them your thinking in how to solve something even when you don’t know the answer. Logical thinking may be all they need to see. Also consider this your chance to interview them. Ask them questions, if only because when you get them talking more, it will shorten your chance to mess up! :smile:

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