Tips, best practice, and advice on the interview process

Hello there all, I have some good news! I have not only one but two interviews on the same day this next Monday.

And I would really appreciate if you guys could give me any tips, best practice and advise that has helped you on your journey, that could help me as well.

A bit more about the companies and the interviews:

  • At 9:00 am I have my first interview with a start-up that has an academic-related product/service and offers it to universities and students, and it is a UI/UX design position. But as I know and study Front-end the CTO would allow me to do Front-end and learn React on the job, as they use React.

  • At 3:00 pm I have my second interview at an agency/software house, they are well-known agency/software house and are a reference on what they do, they work with different technologies and has a variety of different projects going on… This is a Jr Front-end position where I will be learning on the job by doing it and by them training me.

That is that! Thanks for reading and I appreciate your tips and advice!

I while ago I wrote this very long post about my reflections on job hunting as a programmer.

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Nice, thank you! I will definitely read it! :slight_smile:

Good luck on your interviews!

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Something good happened yesterday while I was preparing for the interviews, a CEO of a start-up that I met in one tech-related meet-up sent me a WhatsApp message saying:

“I have a challenge for you and if I like it, I have a job offer for you. Make a UI of a landing page of a SASS and send me until tomorrow at 12 pm”

So I did it, and sent it by 11:30 ish and after a while he said:

“Let’s talk this week, when can you come to our office?”

So now I have three interviews in the same day! Well not so much like an interview but a meeting and talk to actually get a job offer.