Technical interview

Hi there fellow campers!

Few days ago I asked for career advice and I got great feedback so I followed your words. I apply for a job which seems to be way more satisfying and challenging.

I passed first interview which was just typical conversation about the company and myself. It took place via Skype and I think I did good impression. Today I got email that they want to invite me for technical interview on Monday 22th. It will be also via Skype and as far as I know it will be just theory questions, no live coding or tasks (at least not yet).

The position I applied at is Junior Developer (for Regular they require at least one JavaScript framework) and requirements are good knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS. I’m not worried about two first as I’ve been working with them for really long time and I understand them good. I’m more worried about JS questions.

What kind of questions may I expect? In one company they gave me W3School test to pass but it was super trivial.

Any ideas? Advices? Thanks in advance!

If it’s a junior position, you shouldn’t have much to worry about. Try searching for “javascript interview questions”. Here’s the first hit, and it’s full of good questions:

They are probably not going to ask any of the more difficult questions here, but it makes a great study guide nonetheless.

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Thanks for the link, I will definetly study those questions. :slight_smile: